Wisdom of Crowds


Access exceptional


We foster relationships between exceptional, experienced individuals to create opportunity and accelerate success for investors, entrepreneurs, fellows, and partners in our orbit.


Seasoned team with 100+ years of successful operational and investment experience


Like-purposed institutions, high net worth individuals who have built and operated businesses and are excited to support the next generation of entrepreneurs

Venture Partners

Hand-selected Investment Partners with deep domain expertise, capable of astute diligence, support, and mentorship

Alliance Partners

Like-purposed curated communities with which we further strengthen our support for entrepreneurs, offer PORTAL's syndicate and fund as a service and source vetted deals

Venture Fellows

Selected graduate-level or post-graduate graduate, entrepreneurial individuals looking to ascend in personal and professional development


Purpose-driven founders and teams at the center of our Community, benefiting and learning from the power of the Community


Being part of the PORTAL investor Community means having the opportunity to contribute beyond capital. Community engagement at PORTAL earns preferential terms, participation, and consideration.

Serve on Boards and Hold Advisory Roles:

Select investors are invited to formally take board seats and advisory roles for our portfolio companies based on their expertise

Assist Portfolio Companies with Expertise:

PORTAL facilitates thoughtful and meaningful support to entrepreneurs, including key introductions, hiring, and business advice, leveraging the power of its Community

Share Deal Flow:

Investors are invited to leverage their unique insights and relationships to bring deals to PORTAL

Vet Deals:

Invited investors can help PORTAL vet deals by leveraging their operating and domain expertise

Refer Investors:

Refer other investors into the invite-only PORTAL Community

Or Simply Passively Invest:

Invest with an edge. Deals have our Community behind them and are often backed by top-tier VCs, and always diligenced by PORTAL